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7BBL 2 vessel Brewing System

1.Safety: All tank fabrication procedures follow a strict quality control program.
2.Flexibility: Design and customize equipment to meet individual customer’s site and capacity requirements.
3.Easy to installation and use: Fast installation due to precision pre-fitted piping at factory and quick on-site reassembly time.
4.Durablity:High-quality selection of accessores equipment for improved long-term system performance and low maintenance costs.
5.Warranty:Industry-leading 5 year warranty on all fabricated vessels for long-term hassle-free operation.
6.Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, provide 3D sketch, CAD layout, installation assitance, assembly and training.
  • Product Detail


1.The brewing pipeline conforms to the beer brewing process, is simple to operate, easy to clean and operate; adopts the method of entering the wort from the side to reduce the oxidation of the wort;
2.Energy saving: the hot water is recycled to the hot water tank, and the condensed water is recycled to the boiler;
3.Labor-saving: automatic temperature control, PLC system to assist you in brewing; automatic variable frequency tiller and mixing improve work efficiency;
4.Adopting advanced world famouse brand components to ensure the smoothly running;
5.Support different heating way, steam, direct fire and electric, depending on site and local utility costs.
6.High-quality stainless steel material 304 or 316 and exquisite appearance.
7.Brewing vessel and fermentation tanks are tested prior to shipment to avoid on-site repairs, guarantee uninterrupted startup and assured vessel performance.
II.Product detail: 7BBL 2 vessel brewing system

Standard Configurations:
1.Brewhouse Capacity: 7BBL/brew with different brew vessel.
2.Materials: SUS 304 or 316 Stainless Steel; Thickness: inner 3mm, outer 2mm, jacket is 1.5mm.
3.Interior Finish: Acid washing and passivation or mirror polishing, 0.2~0.4μm.
4.Manhole, top pressure glass manhole with LED sight.
5.Temperature measurement method: PT100 temperature probe.
6.Cleaning method: 360°Fixed rotate cleaning ball.
7.Heating system: steam heating, electric element, direct fire.

1.Combined Brewhouse System, 2vessel(mash&lauter tank, kettle&whirlpool)
2).Mash Lauter tank: Function: mashing,filter the wort.
1.Sparging pipe for grain washing with TC connection. 
2.Wort collecting pipe and back washing device to cleaning false bottom. 
3.Mechanical Raker: VFD control, gear motor on the top. 
4.Spent grain:Automatic raker device, Grain removing plate with reverse, forward is raker, reverse is grain out. 
5.Milled false bottom: 0.7mm distance, diameter designed suitable for the lauter tun, with dense supporting leg, detachable handle.
6.Wort circulation inlet TC on top with elbow and mash inlet upon false bottom on side wall.
7.Side mounted spent grain port .
8.With discharge hole, thermometer PT100 and necessary valves and fittings.
3).Brew kettle&Whirlpool tank, Function: Wort boiling, hopping and whirlpool
1.Whirlpool tangent pumped at 1/3height of the tank 
2.Steam venting chimney with anti backflow pipe.
3.Condensate recycle to hot water tank. 
4).Brewhouse pipes
Function: wort transfer from mash tun to lauter, and to kettle and so on. 
1.Material: SS304 sanitary pipes. 
2.Sanitary stainless steel valve and pipeline, Easy to operate and reasonable in design;
3.Wort inlet at side of tank to reduce the oxygen. 
5).Plate heating exchanger, Function: wort cooling. 
1.Two stage and six flow, hot wort to cold wort, tap water to hot water, glycol water recycle. 
2.Design Structure: Suspension type, screw material is SUS304, nut material is brass, easy disassembled for cleaning.
3. Stainless steel 304 material 
4.Design pressure:1.0 Mpa; 
5.Working temperature:170°C.
6.Tri-clamp quick-installed.

3.Brewery Fermentation system: 
1).Glycol Jacketed Conical fermentation tank, Function: beer fermenting and cooling
1.All AISI-304 Stainless Steel Construction
2.Jacketed & Insulated
3.Dual Zone Dimple Cooling Jacket
4.Dish Top & 60° Conical Bottom
5. Stainless Steel Legs with Leveling Ports
6.Top Manway or Side Shadow less Manway
7.With Racking arm, Discharge Port, CIP Arm and Spray Ball, Sample Valve, Shock proof Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Thermowell and Pressure regulator valve. 
2).Yeast brink
Function: A yeast brink is a stainless steel keg that has been modified to collect yeast from a conical fermenter to be saved, and pitched again into a new batch of beer.

4.Bright beer system
1).Bright beer tank: Beer maturation/conditioning /serving/filtered beer receiving.
1.All AISI-304 Stainless Steel Construction
2.Jacketed & Insulated
3.Dual Zone Dimple Cooling Jacket
4.Dish Top & 140° Conical Bottom
5.Stainless Steel Legs with Leveling Ports
6.Top Manway or Side Shadow less Manway
7.With Rotating Racking arm, Discharge port, CIP Arm and Spray Ball, Sample Valve, Shock proof Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Pressure regulator valve, Thermowell, Level sight, Carbonation stone. 

5.Cooling Unit
1).Glycol water tank, Function: glycol water storage
2).Cold liquid tank for Optional: Function: cooling wort cooler. 
3).Glycol chiller: Function: cooling the glycol water.
Assembly unit, wind cooling, enviromental refrigerant: R404a or R407c, compressor and electrical part meet UL/CUL/CE certification.
6.Cleaning Unit:
1).Caustic tank: Elctric heating element inside, with anti-dry device for safety.
2).Sterilization tank: Stainless steel vessel.
3).Control and pump:Portable sanitary CIP pump, SS cart and controller. 
7.Controlling Unit
1).Brewhouse and fermenting controlling.
Manual button control panel or PLC control with touch screen for option, with RTD&Solenoid valves.

III.Production Process

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