Bright beer tanks, called also service tanks, tanks for finalized beverage, or BBT bright beer tanks. 
The serving tanks with PUR insulation are cooled using water or glycol that circulates inside duplicators (cooling channels inside a double steel jacket).
Bright tanks must be engineered to be cold and hold pressure, sometimes act as BBT - Beer storage tanks, cylindrical pressure beer tanks horizontal bright beer tank serving tank for microbrewery
BBT, Bright Beer Tanks, cylindrical pressure tanks, serving tanks, beer final conditioning tanks, beer storage tanks these are the most common terms, 
including the same class of special pressure vessels designed to preparation of carbonated beer before its bottling, filling into kegs or other containers. 
Purified carbonated beer is pushed from lager beer tanks or cylindrically-conical tanks into pressure storage beer tank.
Type: Double Sayer Conical Tank, Single Wall Conical Tank.
Volume: 1HL-300HL, 1BBL-300BBL. (Support Customized).


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