Distillation Equipment

The equipment is multifunction style, you can change the direction of tee joint to decide the spirit you want. This style can make Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, Rum and so on.

Working principle: After ferment the sccharify material, called mature fermenter production with certainly alcohol content. This is according to different volatility of ingredient, then a few mixture will turn to steam and cooling down, so that to realize the separation of components. The principle use to separation of two component mixture as example: heating the material to make it part of vaporization, the volatile part will densify of steam, the difficult volatilize part also will densify of liquid, so this realized separetion of two-component to a certain extent. The greater difference of two component volatile ability, the greater is the densification. Make partial vaporization of liquid phase direct contact with part of condensate gas phase, to proceed transfer liquid phase with gas phase in each other, so the difficult volatile component of gas phase will turn to liquid phase, the easy volatile component of liquid will turn to gas phase, in the meanwhile to make partial vaporiation and partial condenser of gas phase.


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