Fully Automatic Control System (PLC) For brewery

Capacity: 1000L-10000L brewery.



Brewhouse control:

The mashing control system is pneumatic valve control (using industrial control machine for control)

1) The temperature of the mashing pot is fully automatic;

2) The turbidity of wort in the filter tank is detected by a turbidity meter;

3) The steam heating of the boiling pot is controlled by a thin-film steam regulating valve, and the valve opening can be adjusted to control the amount of steam;

4) Mash tun and lauter tank are equipped with liquid level switches, and boiling pots, rotary sinks, cold water and hot water tanks are all equipped with electronic level gauges.



· Reduction in labor

· Improved beer quality and consistency

· Automatic brewhouse temperature, material flow, and temperature control of your cellar tanks (fermentation tank, brite beer tank, etc)

· Energy Recovery

· System configuration for a link to Internet

· Automatic access to production and equipment communication

Our programming team has streamlined automatic control systems for efficiency and easy operation. Over the last ten years, we have built up an excellent relationship with the Rockwell & Siemens systems operation division.

Also we can offer CE, UL, and CUL certified control cabinets with electronic elements suitable for customers all over the world.


With this automated control system, you can monitor working conditions on your smart device as long as you have access to internet.


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