• Professional Team

    Professional Team

    Our team brings a wealth of premium products and has 15+ years' experience to support the global top level business.

  • High Standard

    High Standard

    Thanks to our integrated quality control system and in-house mold making, you can get reliable parts of a consistently high standard.

  • Global Support

    Global Support

    Our top suppliers of products are located all over the world, which can provide timely and convenient after-sales service support.

  • Meticulous Service

    Meticulous Service

    With rich sales experience, our experts always stand by you to understand your requirements and quickly solve your problems.

About us


Jinan Alston Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional beer brewing equipment manufacturer. The company integrates design, research and development, production and sales, installation and commissioning and after-sales service, and is committed to becoming a first-class equipment supplier. The main products produced and operated include: small and medium-sized brewery equipment, bar equipment, home brewing equipment and craft brewery, etc.

Since the company was founded in 2016, we have provided beer brewing equipment and successfully exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Germany, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and Singapore. Because of our excellent product quality and after-sales service, it has been recognized and praised by customers!
Innovative, Efficient, Energy-saving, and Economical, we are a global solution partner for craft beer! 

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Purchase with Convenience, Security

In the event that either Product Quality or Shipment Date varies from what you and the supplier had agreed to in the Cooperation Contract, we will offer you assistance in reaching a satisfactory outcome, including getting your money back.

Our Partners

What sets us apart from the competition? Our ability to listen to our customers!

We work with China Beer Equipment Factory provide brewing system(including customized) - fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, including these fine clients:


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