Germany 500L Brauerei

500L brauerei build in Germany.

We made first deal with Land Brauerei-Mohrmann in 2022, now the second one is one set of 500L brauerei. Now the production for the whole system is ready for shipment.
Brewed beer equipment can brew a variety of beer, there are many types of beer, it is difficult to distinguish birthplaces. Each type of beer has its own symbolic flavor, and this flavor id effected by yeast, malt, hops, water, change any of these factors, maybe enter another type range. We can define a certain type of beer according to materials and the special nature of fermentation. Each country, region or even each town may have its own style of beer.

In fact, many beer styles are derived from the local brewery environmental conditions, via a combination of raw materials, all these elements of local water quality and local climate, which show the best beer characteristics.

The basic configuration as blow:
Compact Three vessel brew house: mash kettle, lauter whirlpool tank + HLT
9*5hl fermenters, keg and bottle filling system and etc, and the equipment will arrived after 2 month.
If you are interested in this, you can feel free to contact with Land Brauerei-Mohrmann, or see our plant on site after 2 month.

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