Canada 3.5bbl nano brewery

L'Albatros, Brasserie artisanale Located at QC, Canada. 
We were talking about beer brewing and equipment in 2019, also we given him a better suotion because of his complax electric voltage. 
Then finally he placed the order and all electric need CUL certification for local inspection. 

The main equipment has inlcuded: 
Combination 3.5 bbl brehouse, mash lauter, hot water tank, brew kettle and whirlpool; 
4sets of 7BBL unitank and 2 sets of bright beer tank,
50L CIP unit. 
Brewery cooling system with chiller and glycol tank. 

When he receved our equipment and start to brewing, he given us a high reputation because our better desigh and service. 

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