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High reputation from Customer of ASTE company

Jinan Alston Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in beer equipment, fruit wine equipment, and filling equipment.
After recent years of development, our craft beer equipment has been exported to Europe, America, Australia,
Central Asia and other regions, and has been serving nearly 100 customers to completed 200L, 300L bar and restaurant pub brewery,
and also built a series of projects such as 500L, 1000L small and medium-sized craft breweries, 3000L breweries, etc.

Here it's a part of customer's feedback of our equipment:

1.France 500L brewery

2.Autria 1000L brewery

3.Germany 1200L fermenter

4.Canada 3.5BBL Nano brewery equipment

This is our driving force, our goal is to be craft beer partner!

If you have idea to build a brewery or want to expanding your brewery, welcome to inquiry us.
We will give your professional answer and proposal.

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