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500L Brewery will producing in Oct

500L turnkey brewery for Austria customer!

Glad to share you our company's order to everyone. 
This month we will start to producing 500L brewery, the details as below: 
1.500L brewhouse with 3 vessel: mash tun, lauter tank, kettle&whirlpool, hot water tank, pump, platform, pipelines,. 
The agitator in mash tun is frequency control by Danfoss controller, The raker in lauter tank is frequency control by Danfoss controller, kettle and whirlpool 
is steam heating. 

The advantages of brewhouse: 
1. Water saving: Warm water recycle to hot water tank after cooling the wort through wort cooler. 
Here the warm water is about 50-60degree, then it can transfer to hot water tank for sparaging and cleaning. 
2. Electric saving: here it's the electric steam generator, then we collect the condensate water trecycle to steam generator to save the water and electric.
Normally supplier then will drain this condensate to the sewage, but that's really a waster. So, we collect it from mash tun and kettle to boiler. 
The temperature of the condensed water is generally 80 degrees, the volume is about 40L from heating jacket; 
According to the calculation of heating 1.5 degrees per minute, this can save about 50kw of electricity. 
3.In order to reduce the oxygen in brewing, the wort inlet is from side of tank.  then you can see our drawing. 

2. fermentation tank
our fermentation tank is 500L and 1000L, double layer and isolation, the fermenter is side manhole with pressure regulator and vacuum valve for safety. 
Here it's the drawing of tank. 

3.Cooling unit: 
Here we equip chiller, glycol tank and pump. 
This system is mainly to cooling the fermenters and wort cooler. 

4.Control system: now it's 2 control system with PLC control system for brewhouse, digital control cabinet for control fermenters. 
For PLC control cabinet is Siemens brand screen and controller, the frequency controller is Danfoss brand. Also it will put it on brewhouse platform for easy controlling. 

This set of 500L brewery will finish it at the end of Oct, let we see the finished the product. 

If you have more requirement, pls let we know your inquiry. 
Best regards. 


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