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The concept of craft beer originated from the United States in the 1970s. Its English name is Craft Beer. Craft beer producers must have small-scale production, independence, and tradition before they can be called craft beer. This kind of beer has a strong flavor and diverse aroma, and it is becoming more and more popular among beer lovers.
    Compared with industrial beer, craft beer has more diversified raw materials and processes, which meets the needs of the consumer market and has broad market development prospects.

What wine has a headache? What wine does not have a headache?

After drinking a lot of beer, the next day will be a headache. When this happens, it means that the wine is very rough and the brewing process is poor. The main cause of headaches is too much high-grade alcohol. Normally, this kind of situation will not occur with high-quality and qualified beer.
However, this problem is likely to be caused by the failure to control the fermentation process in the entire brewing process. The high fermentation temperature and fast fermentation will produce a large amount of higher alcohol. 80% of higher alcohols are produced in the early stage of fermentation. Therefore, it is also a criterion for judging the quality of a beer after drinking it.
There are two ways to avoid the production of higher alcohols in the winemaking process. One is low-temperature fermentation to extend the fermentation process and reduce the production of higher alcohols. The second is to increase the amount of yeast. Generally speaking, Aier beer is more likely to produce higher alcohols than Lager beer.

What is IPA beer?
1. The full name of IPA is India Pale Ale, literally translated as "Indian Pale Ale". It is the hottest beer type in the world in recent years, not one of them. It was originally a beer specially produced by Britain for export to India in the 19th century. Compared with Al, IPA is more bitter and has a higher alcohol content.
2. Although the IPA is called Indian Pale Air, this wine is indeed created by the British.
3. In the 18th century, at the beginning of the British colonization, British troops and businessmen who expedition to India were eager for the Porter beer in their hometown, but the long-distance shipping and the high temperature of South Asia made it almost impossible to keep the beer fresh.
After arriving in India, the beer became sour and there were no bubbles. Therefore, the brewery decided to greatly increase the consistency of the wort, extend the fermentation time of the beer in the barrel to increase the alcohol content and add a large amount of hops.
Such "three highs" Al beer was successfully delivered to India. Gradually, the British soldiers fell in love with this beer, but felt that it was even better than the local beer. Therefore, IPA came into being.

About the Pure Law of German Beer Brewing
Starting from the twelfth century, German beer ushered in a stage of barbaric growth. At the same time, it also began to become messy. Due to the different regulations of the nobles and churches in various places, various "beers" with different substances have appeared, including herbal mixtures, hyacinths, stinging nettles, bituminous coals, asphalt, etc., and even Additives are also added for fragrance.
Under this kind of control driven by monetary gains, there have been frequent instances of people dying because of drinking low-quality beer.
By 1516, under the continuous dark history of beer, the German government finally stipulated the raw materials for beer brewing and introduced the "Reinheitsgebot" (purity law), which clearly stated in this law: "The raw material used for brewing beer must be barley. , Hops, yeast and water.
Anyone who knowingly ignores or violates this ordinance shall be punished by court authorities to confiscate such beer.

As a result, this turmoil that lasted for hundreds of years finally ended. Although people did not discover the important role of yeast in beer due to the limitation of the scientific level at that time, it did not prevent German beer from returning to the right track and developing into what is now known. Beer empire,
German beer has an excellent reputation around the world. They can be based in the entire beer world. In addition to their love of beer from the bottom of their hearts, they also rely on this "Purity Law" to a large extent. 

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