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Jinan Alston's new website is successfully launched!

Jinan Alston's new website is successfully launched!
Jinan Alston Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to every user better know Alston Company ,
now our company has launched a new website and will show you the new products; Warmly welcome crafts beer lover to come to negotiate and discuss further.

Jinan Alston Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in beer equipment, fruit wine equipment, and filling equipment.
After recent years of development, our craft beer equipment has been exported to Europe, America, Australia,
Central Asia and other regions, and has been serving nearly 100 customers to completed 200L, 300L bar and restaurant pub brewery,
and also built a series of projects such as 500L, 1000L small and medium-sized craft breweries, 3000L breweries, etc.
In order to meet the requirement of different customers and brewing process, w
e support customer’s private customization of brewery, you only need to provide your ideas and opinions,
we will provide professional technical guidance and solutions;
In addition, we have professional installers who can provide customers with high-quality Turnkey Brewery.

Finally, I hope that the epidemic will be covered as soon as possible, we can enjoy a fresh beer freely and look forward to a better future.


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