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The craft beer market under the epidemic and the countermeasures taken by our company

The craft beer market under the epidemic and the countermeasures taken by our company

Since January of this year, the epidemic has raged and the shopping malls, bars, restaurants and public places have been closed.

So far, the epidemic has lasted for nearly half a year, which has led to a global economic downturn and a large number of unemployment;

In addition to other international market is not optimistic due to the international factors; With the spread of the epidemic, many bars, restaurants, craft breweries, etc.

Have ceased operations, etc. The direct losses caused by the craft beer industry are immeasurable; this has led to a sudden increase in the sales of craft beer equipment.

In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic, our company has update a series of measures, as follows:
1. Product upgrades to improve the quality of beer equipment and the added value of equipment; our engineers apply customer requirements to craft brewing equipment, so that customers have a better experience;
2. Reorganize the website and show our best products to customers;
3. Train our after-sales engineers to better serve customers;
4. Reduce the price of equipment to sell support more customers to start brewery business as soon as possible, and reduce the price on the basis of product quality improvement;
5. Improve the company's internal mechanism;
Hope we become better and serve more customers;

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