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Mid-Autumn Festival and Beer

Mid-Autumn Festival and Beer 

1. The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is the Mid-Autumn Festival in my country. Since this day is half of autumn, it is called the Mid-Autumn Festival, commonly known as the August Festival, which is the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
2. In the Tang Dynasty, viewing the moon and playing with the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival were quite popular. In the Song Dynasty, the trend of viewing the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival was even more prosperous. According to the "Tokyo Dream Hualu" record: "On the Mid-Autumn Festival, your family will decorate the terraces, and the people will compete for the restaurant to play the moon." On this day, all the shops in the capital, The restaurant has to re-decorate the facade. The archway is decorated with silk and colorful, and fresh fruits and refined food are sold. The night market is very lively. People often climb the stairs. Arrange family banquets, reunite children, enjoy the moon and talk together.
3. After the Ming and Qing dynasties, the custom of viewing the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival is still the same. Many places have formed special customs such as burning incense, tree Mid-Autumn Festival, lighting tower lights, setting sky lanterns, walking the moon, and dancing fire dragons.
4. Now, what we are most familiar with and see the most is probably moon cakes. However, when the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, why do we treat moon cakes so much, and what is the meaning of moon cakes?
5. First of all, moon cakes are exquisite in workmanship and delicious. Whether it is a staple food or a snack, it is a good product for home travel. Moreover, moon cakes are easy to carry and have a relatively long storage time, so naturally, moon cakes have become the mainstream of the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are many meanings about moon cakes, but I think the most meaningful is the family, love and nostalgia expressed by moon cakes, as well as the symbol of reunion.
6. On the Mid-Autumn Festival, couples send moon cakes to each other and wish each other to express their sincere affection. Mooncakes express farewell, nostalgia and everlasting love. Almost all the descendants of Yan and Huang, no matter in China, in their hometown, or in other parts of the world, in the ends of the earth, eat cakes and admire the moon, look at the moon and miss their homes, and place their love on the Mid-Autumn Festival. A piece of moon cake expresses the family and nostalgia of the wanderer who misses his relatives and his hometown, communicates the feelings between people, and expresses good wishes. Sending a moon cake to colleagues and friends expresses the close friendship between them. A set of moon cakes such as Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon, Lucky Stars Gao Zhao, and Longevity Banquet Points were presented to express people's respect and best wishes to the elderly.

Spend a good full moon, get together with your family, and have a good time with the beer.

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