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What are the benefits of drinking beer in summer?

What are the benefits of drinking beer in summer?

 In the hot summer, most of the friends who like to drink will choose beer, which is cool and refreshing.
However, it is important to remind everyone that drinking beer in summer is also very particular.
There are many aspects that need special attention.

The benefits of drinking beer in summer

  1.Lose weight. Beer can play a very good weight loss effect.
Because beer contains very little sodium, protein and calcium, and is free of fat and cholesterol.
It is very effective in restraining the excessive growth of body shape.

2.Protect the heart. An Italian study found that those who drank beer in moderation had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease than those who did not drink alcohol.
But you should drink no more than 1 pint (about 473 ml) of beer a day, which is equivalent to 1.4 cans.
3.Quench your thirst. Beer has a high water content (above 90%), and it is very refreshing to drink.
A glass of beer in summer is like refreshing and refreshing, and it feels beautiful.

  4.Accelerates post-workout recovery. A Spanish study found that a bottle of beer was more hydrating than the same amount of mineral water.
Because beer contains more sugar and salt nutrients, but also rich in potassium and B vitamins.

  5.Aid digestion. Beer mainly contains barley, alcohols, hops and polyphenols,
which can enhance the secretion of gastric juice, stimulate gastric function, and improve its digestion and absorption capacity.

  Although drinking beer in summer has the above advantages, it is also necessary to pay attention to details when drinking beer.

Precautions for drinking beer in summer
1.Don't drink ice cream before meals.
Excessive drinking of cold beer before meals can easily cause the temperature of the human gastrointestinal tract to drop sharply, the blood vessels shrink rapidly, and blood flow decreases, resulting in physiological dysfunction.
At the same time, it will lead to digestive disorders, easily induced abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on.

  2.Do not overdo it. Drinking too much beer at one time will increase the blood lead level.
If you drink it for a long time, it will lead to the accumulation of fat and block the synthesis of ribonucleic acid, resulting in "beer heart",
which will affect the heart function and inhibit the destruction of brain cells.

  3.Prone to hypoglycemia. Although the alcohol content in beer is low, the calories produced by alcohol can interfere with the normal dietary control of patients.
Hypoglycemia may occur in patients with diabetes who drink too much beer when they take sulfoglycerides or inject insulin.

  4.Don't mix it with liquor. Beer is a low-alcohol drink, but it contains carbon dioxide and a lot of water.
If drinking it with liquor, it will increase the penetration of alcohol in the whole body, which will strongly stimulate the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys and other organs, and affect the production of digestive enzymes.
Reduce gastric acid secretion, leading to stomach cramps, acute gastroenteritis and other diseases.

5.It is not advisable to take medicines with beer. Mixing beer with drugs will cause adverse side effects, which can increase the acidity and make the drug dissolve rapidly in the stomach, and also destroy the blood absorption and reduce the efficacy of the drug, and even bring harm to life.

Even though beer has many benefits, don't drink it excessively.
If you drink it uncontrollably, the accumulated alcohol in the body will damage the liver function and increase the burden on the kidneys.
Excessive drinking of beer can cause alcoholism and liver disease.
Therefore, medical nutritionists recommend that every person should drink no more than 1.5 liters of beer per day.
As long as we pay attention to the points mentioned above, we can not only enjoy the coolness and comfort brought by beer in the hot summer, but also bring healthy nourishment to our body.

Drinking beer in summer is good, but only in moderation.
Notes: Don't drink while driving.

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