U.K. 300L brewery equipment

Name: Aaron
Country: UK

System configuration:
1.300L mash system: mash kettle, lauter tank and whirlpool, electric heating. 
2.2 pcs 600L fermentation tank
3.Cooling system(600L Ice water tank with heating tube)
4.CIP Cleaning system
5.Control system
Customer information: The customer is working for a TV station in the UK. He used to have a set of small equipment, 
but later he needed to expand production, so contacted us. With our help, our calculated and designed his site together. 
After the discussion, the client and us jointly decided to use a 300L equipment. During the discussion, the customer became our distributor, 
and the customer redesigned a new logo suitable for the local area. 
We plan to build our common website in 2020. Thanks very much for our custemers efforts and help.

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