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Brewery CIP unit

1.Safety: All tank fabrication procedures follow a strict quality control program.
2.Flexibility: Design and customize equipment to meet individual customer’s site and capacity requirements.
3.Easy to installation and use: Fast installation due to precision pre-fitted piping at factory and quick on-site reassembly time.
4.Durablity:High-quality selection of accessores equipment for improved long-term system performance and low maintenance costs.
5.Warranty:Industry-leading 5 year warranty on all fabricated vessels for long-term hassle-free operation.
6.Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, provide 3D sketch, CAD layout, installation assitance, assembly and training.
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First one:

Tank Portable CIP Cart

The portable CIP cart is creating solutions for small equipment cleaning needs. It features portable, all-stainless construction with two tanks, an inline heating element, a pump with VFD for speed control, and all the necessary valves and tubing. It can perform many operations including: recirculating water or chemical to heat-to-temperature, sending and recovering cleaning solution to tank or piece of equipment and recovery of chemical for re-use. The inline heater is the best feature since it provides ultimate versatility and heating on-the-fly.

Simply plug it in and have full control of the pump and heater from a small, convenient, control panel. With safety in mind, the heater cannot be operated while the pump is not running.

Second one:

3 vessel-4 vessel-5 vessel CIP unit

3 vessel: Hot alkali tank, Acid tank, Aater tank

4 vessel: Hot alkali tank, Acid tank, Disinfection water, water tank,

5 vessel: Hot alkali tank, Acid tank, Disinfection water, Clean water tank, Hot water tank.

Please ask us for custom solutions!

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