Malt Handling Solutions for the Craft Brewery and Distillery

Malt Handling Solutions for the Craft Brewery and Distillery

Malt is the most important (and expensive) ingredient in your beer (with the exception of you, of course). 
Achieving and maintaining the optimum grist profile involves more than simply adjusting the gap setting on your roller mill and hitting the start button on your auger. 
Treat your malt with care and you'll get the most out of your brewhouse. From better vorlauf to increased brewhouse yields, a well designed Malt Handling System will increase the efficiency of your brewing operation, saving you both time and money.

Here you will find information about:
• Malt supply chain and purchasing of malt
• Malt delivery & receiving.
• Storage of malt at the brewery
• Malt and / or grist transporting.
• Weighing of malt and /or grist.
• Milling (Processing)
• Quality control from receipt of malt through mash

1.Chain Disk delivery systems have the flexibility to adapt to all types of brewing and distilling facilities and the ability to overcome the performance and reliability constraints of other conveyor systems. 
The gentle conveying method limits damage to your malt and keeps your grist profile and efficiency consistent. 
Chain Disk's rugged design, quality components and unique control system enable it to outperform the competition in capacity, distance, durability, and price.

2.One of the most affordable ways to move your grain, flex augers are a great option for simple routes, particulary pre-mill. 
Using PVC tubing as the carrier of your grain not only provides some amount of flexibility in placement, but reduces dust, provides protection against insect and rodent contamination, and reduces noise. 
Available in 2.2" on up to 5" diameters, flex augers can meet the needs of almost any size production. We also offer other auger options including galvanized tubing and rigid augers.

There are many aspects to consider and a perfect solution isn’t always easy to come by. 
Malt handling and all that it entails is often times underestimated and often problems arise due to lack of proper planning and consideration.
It is in the best interest of a brewery to find an optimal solution for their malt handling needs.

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