Do you need a fast Quote of slow one?

Do you need a fast Quote of slow one?

What Is Your Opinion on Making Quotes for Your Brewery
When are you with different competitors closer to each other, it is easier for clients coming to you for a quote, which can be used for their brewery setup evaluation. But it is “interesting” and funny that somethings as the client you can get a quote in a very short time like 20-30 mins.

As a brewery fabricator who has been in this industry for many years, we do believe that microbreweries are mostly customized, different brewers are with different requests, which makes the brewery specially designand fabricated more suitable for their brewing recipe request.
Only you know what you need, then the suitable and reliable proposal will be there. That is why every time before making the official quote to any client, we have different questions and communication back and forth to make sure we are clear with the client's basic brewing process, like the average beer output Plato, min/max malt amount per batch, fermenting period, special ingredients, the majority beer type etc. Even some special recipe like the sour beer brewing, honey ingredients additive to beer, etc, which directly related to the whole brewhouse design.

It is obvious that the more you learn about clients' brewing process, the better you can make the whole brewing system setup more suitable for future and better brew. So for us it is not easy to understand how a normal sales representative learns enough about the brewing request and makes a quote in 20-30 mins.

If you are with the goodwill of making a perfect brewery, we hope you are with good patience before having the official quote from us and we should have good communication on technical points.
The final goal for us is you have a real customized perfect brewery from us and you enjoy your future brew for a long time.

For friends from competitors, you are welcome to share any different opinions with us.


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