Brewhouse vessel differences of 2 vessel and 3 vessel

Brewhouse vessel differences of 2 vessel and 3 vessel
Glad to talk with you about brewery project, we would like to talk more about brewhouse and how to chooose the right equipment for you. 
When selecting a brewhouse, there are several different tank configurations available on the market.  

1.What are the combination of brewhouse or brewing vessel? 
Brew House is the combination of brewing vessels. Brewing vessels are through the process of mixing, fermentation and storage to achieve the purpose of water treatment, making beer delicious and nutritious. This equipment includes mash tuns, lauter tuns, kettle Whirlpool and fermenters.

2-Vessel Brewhouse, hot water tank is extra one vessel. 
Mash/Lauter Tun + Brew Kettle/Whirlpool
Mash/kettle+ Lauter/Whirlpool

3-Vessel Brewhouse, hot water tank is extra one vessel. 
Mash/Kettle+ Lauter + Whirlpool Tank
Mash/Lauter Tun + Brew Kettle + Whirlpool
Mash Mixer + Lauter Tun + Brew Kettle/Whirlpool combination

Hot water tank is a extra one vessel in brewing system, which will preparing the hot water in advance to make sure there is enough water for mashing in and sparging etc, which is very important for continuous brewing. 
HLT is also used for hot water recycling after wort cooling. 

2.Difference of different vessel brewhouse: 
1.Brewing time: 2 vessel need 12-13hours for 2 batches, 3 vessel need 10-11 hours for 2 batches. 
You can save about 1-2 hour to cleaning and do others. 
2.Invest cost: it’s obviously 3 vessel system is expensive than 2 vessel because it has added a tank and more pipes. 
3.Brewing process: they have different brewing process to brew more typecal beer. 3 vessel system is more popular in European contries for traditional beer, which pre-boiling time will be longer in mash tun to make more substance out; 2 vessel system is easier to operation and brewing and popular in America, Austrilia and others. 
4.Brewing habits: Different brewer like differnt brewing system depends on which type beer they brew. 
5.Brewing Space: 3 vessel will take more space than 2 vessel obviously. 
6.Future brewery expension: it’s more possible to expand the brewery for 3 vessel system, only to add a extra whilrpool to expand it to 4 vessel to saving brewing time. 

When it comes to choosing the right brewing equipment, we look to many factors: much brewing equipment you’ll need?
2.what kind of beer you’re brewing? much space you have to brew?
4.perhaps most importantly – your budget?

3.Our suggestions: You could do as others did and start with a two vessel system that is designed to accept a third at a later date. 
As a new brewery you probably are not going to be brewing three and four times a day. For two brews a day a two vessel system is fine and you should be able to double batch in 10-11 hours easily. 
That was the case with most of micro brewery.After one or two year's developent and ready to expand brewery, you can add a extra whirlpool to brewing regularly triple batch per brewing time. 
This takes you about 11-12 hours including clean-up CIP. So the extra vessel allows us one more batch per day in about the same amount of time.

Hope this helps!

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