What's the quantity of Beer Fermenter Do I Need?

What's the quantity of Beer Fermenter Do I Need?
Fermenters are one of most important in brewery part, which can make the wort into beer in the tanks and release the CO2 and Alcohol. Aoording to the brewery’s the capacity, how many sets of tanks you need, that’s a lot of customer want to know. 

Here's let's we Calculating the number of FV and BBTs needed for a brewery. 
To calculate the quantity of FV and Brites tanks that you need to buy you can apply some formulas which consider the following criteria, however to make it easier for you, 
we can help if you provide me the following information, so we can determine the amount of wort that will be fermented and turned into beer:

1.Brewhouse capacity
a. Volume of beer brews.
b. Number of brews per day.
c. Number of working days per month in your brewery.
d. Volume capacity of Mash tun (BBL or HL):

Knowing this information, we can estimate the amount of wort that is fermented and you can calculate the number of fermenters and maturation tanks if this is your system or you can also calculate the number of unitanks. 
It all depends on your brewing and fermentation system.

10-20HL / 10-20BBL Craft Brewery System

2. Fermentation System
a. Volume of beer sales / month.
b. Fermentation period you need. (Normal satatus: 14 days (Ales) or 21 days (Lagers))
c. How many kinds of beer you have. 
d. Number of days to empty and fill tank (In your case it will take less than a day)

3. Maturation time
If after completing the fermentation in your unitanks, do you transfer the beer to a Maturation tank or Brite Beer Tank?
a.Volume capacity of tanks:
b. Number of days in maturation
c. Number of days to empty and fill tank

For calculating the number of Unitanks the information is similar.Also, do you use a different tank to prepare your beer for filling the cans or kegs?
Knowing all this information I can figure how many tanks you will need after calculating the amount of beer produced.

If you want to know more information about beer fermenters, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.

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