Alston brew-1000L automatic brewhouse for sale.

Alston brew-1000L automatic brewhouse for sale. 
1.Design data:
Plato: 10HL cold wort output at 16 plato
Efficiency:min 85%
Daily brew: 3-4 brews/14hours

Evaporation: 8-10%

2.Equipment detail: 
-10HL Brew house unit 3 vessels on mountai , Automatic, including vessel, pumps, valves, piping, wort sample station, platform and wort heating exchanger. 
-Mash tun - With mixing bottom paddle
-Lauter tank - With fixed bottom rakes
-Combined Kettle/Whirlpool with 
-All hard pipework is in place for a brewer to control water and wot flow from the brew.
-Tubular heat exchanger, To allow the a brewery to cool the wort before adding whirlpool hop additions. There's an external tubular heat exchanger to cool the wort going out and thenback into the vessel.

-World famous brand of accessories, like motor is Nord Brand, valve is LYSF, Flow meter is IFM and so on. 
-Energy-saving design concept: heating and water recovery; firstly the jacket steam condensate water recovery to boiler and save the gas about 20% consumption, 
the steam condensate water recovery to hot water tank; secondly, the warm water after chilled the wort cooler recovery to hot water tank for next brewing.

Glad to hearing from you for more details. Cheers!!
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