Brewery Kettle Functions and Design by Alston Brew

Brewery Kettle Functions and Design

Brewhouse part is the most important part in whole brewery, which is directly related with the wort and beer quality. We worked out the 
brewhouse system with higher but flexible standard, which fits the requirement of different beers. Meanwhile, we have more different style following the brew masters preference and local regulations from different countries. 
We also care how to make the brewhouse system running smoothly and lower the possibility of maintaining to make sure all the clients can do easy brew as their expect and recipe.

Such as our boiling kettle, the advantages as below: 
1.Boiling kettle: The kettle volume design is based on the 1360L wort befor boiling, 1200L effective volume as example, and the using volume is 65%. 
Because of the wort concetration is relative higher in abroad, the form will much abundant when boiling. 
In order to prevent foam overflowing from the kettle during the boiling process, we use the forced circulation function to improve the evaporation rate to ensure the evaporation rate is 8-10% and improve the boiling intensity. 
The DMS situation and the content within 30PPM, it will reducing the heat loading and ensuring the stability of the wort chroma and avoiding the wort Maillard reaction.

2.For Condensor system: The boiling kettle adopt steam condensation recovery system, it will helps to improve the water recovery and save the water and electric conbumption in whole brewery. 
The recovery hot water temperature around 85℃, and hot water recovery capacity at 150L for each batch; That’s means it will save the electic 18kw of the water temperature from 25-85℃. 

The overall design of each project fits the requirement of each client’s basic brewing request and well combined with any special request. 
We find the best saving on gas, electricity and water etc and lower the maintaining of system to make sure all clients have the best cost-effective situation. 
Pls feel free to contact Alston brew if you want more details. 

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