How to clean microbrewery equipment before use?

How to clean microbrewery equipment before use?
Brewery cleaning is most important for beer brewing before using.
Microbrewery equipment should be cleaned (if not obviously) before use, allowing you to enjoy great tasting beer without worries.
Cleaning microbrewing equipment frequently can also extend the life of the equipment.
Cleaning brewing equipment is not difficult, and this tutorial is here to help you.

1. Check that the gasket seal is working properly, and if not, replace it regularly. Adding water to the CIP container to 80% of its capacity should tell you this.
2. Open the ground false bottom in the Lauter Tun (the vessel used to separate the wort from the mash solids) to ensure there is no residue before washing.
3. Open the sampling and discharge valves and check that the PVRV is in working condition.
4. Clean the transfer tubes with 1% NaOH (sodium hydroxide) solution and then immerse in 1% H2O2 solution for 2 hours. Seal these tubes after completing the previous steps.

CIP cleaning
1. Rinse the plant residue with 60°- 65°water for 10-15 minutes.
2. Remove fat and protein with 80°-90°1%-3% NaOH solution and cycle for 30 min. then leave for another 10 min. Finally, use a 70°NaOH solution and cycle for another 30min.
3. Remove the alkaline solution from the plant with 40°-60°water until the pH of the water is neutral (as shown on PH paper).
4. Eliminate mineral salts with 1%-3% HNo3 solution at 65°-70°and circulate for 20min (although not always necessary).
5. Remove the acid solution from the plant with water at 40°-60°until the water has a neutral PH (as shown on PH paper).

SIP Cleaning
1. Wash plants with 2% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) solution for 10 minutes.
2. Rinse the plants with 90°pure water.
3. Prepare for brewing

Great! You are now ready to make a first-class beer.
If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.
Our experts will be happy to help you, or perhaps you would like some microbrewery equipment.

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