Beer brewing Step, how to get beer?

Beer brewing Step, how to get beer?

In recent days, some new brewmaster ask us how to brew beer or how to start to brewing, here, let’s we talk about how to start brewing. 
Whether it's beer brewing twenty liters or two thousand liters of beer, there is always one way.

The Steps to beer brewing as below: 

1. Crush, malt milling 
The machine roller presses the sprouted barley or other booty into pieces.

2. Brewhouse (Mashing step)
The malt called mash is heated with water for about one hour. When it reaches 64-67℃, the enzyme in the bud will start to convert the starch and polysaccharide into monosaccharides. 
The brewmaster must continue to stir up the buds by machine or by hand.

3. Filtration (Lautering tank)
After the bud is precipitated, the wort is filtered out, and then the wheat crust (residue) is washed with hot water to dissolve the remaining sugar as much as possible. 
At the end of this step, the wheat dregs will be taken to make the male fertilizer or sent to the pasture for feed.

4. Boiling
Transfer the wort to another cooking tank and heat it for about an hour to boil it. 
The winemaker will add hops at this time to add bitterness and aroma.

5. Cooling
In order to avoid the infection of bacteria or other microorganisms in the wort, it is necessary to rapidly cool down to below 25 ℃.

NotedL Here it's related with our brewing system, we would like to provide you better brewery solutions: 
1.For brewing process, our brewhouse can brew more different kinds of beer from 8 to 14 plato wort to meet different brewing process. 
At the same time, Our brewing equipment can achieve centralized control of pipelines and valves as much as possible to minimize the labor of brewmaster and improve brewing efficiency.
2.We are more consider safety in brewing tanks, just like our dish head on brew tanks all is isolated to prevent the burns because it's a high temperature when boiling. Also about the height of the railing and the width of the stairs are all meet Europe or America rules.
3.Equipment details, just like the heating speed in boiling tank, we can do 1degree per min as we added the heating coil on the jacket to make the temp heating up more evenly and high speed. 
Maybe other supplier can tell you they still can do that, but they don't know the heating speed acturally because we have tested our equipment and get a precisely data. About more equipment details, you can see the attached files to see our detail design.
4.High level brewery accessories to matching our brewing system, just like the motor is ABB, the pump is LYSF(Alfa Laval China Factory ), the wort cooler is Nanhua(Top level in heating exchnager), here we need to see the heating effeciency of hot water recycle. 
The temperature of Nanhua exch can reach to 60-65degree after cooling the wort and recycle to hot water tank, only you heat a little time for next batch and save your energy and time. 
But if the normal one, the temp water recycle only is about 30-40degree, that means you will heating it longer, that's really a waste in long term brewing. 
So, all these high level accessories will ensure our system running well and lower cost remaintaince.

6. Fermentation
It is confirmed that the wort is maintained at a suitable temperature and then put into yeast, which will decompose the monosaccharide and produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and esters (aroma molecules). 
After a period of fermentation, the flavor of the beer can be more mature.

7. Cold-soaked hops
Some very fragile aroma molecules in hops are destroyed by high temperatures during the fermentation process. 
In order to extract these finest scents, the brewmaster will refill the hops after the fermentation process and bottle the beer in a few weeks.

8.Testing and evaluation
The brewmaster will arrange the testing after the beer fermenting or storage finished, then decide what’s the next step, keep cooling or filling. 

9.Filling and labeling

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