What's the better way of brewery heating

What's the better way of brewery heating?

Many brewers are very concerned about the heating method of the brewhouse equipment. And for some homebrewers do not know much about the difference between those heating ways.

Basically, Depending on your size, budget, and goals, there will be a different brewhouse heating option that works best for you. These are the three main options for Brewhouse heating:
Direct Heat

Meanwhile, Which heating method is best has been the subject of a long-standing debate with the developping of the craft brewing industry. In our insight there’re not a definate answer but just require you understand which one is the most suitable for your purpose:-

HEATING METHOD 1: Electricity heating Brewing system

Electricity heating: Mainly suit for 1-5BBL brewpubs:-
*The first advantage is the highest energy transforming, since 100% elec power was transformed in to heat energy for the wort / water heating up
*Most cost effective option than steam , gas heating since no any auxiliary equipmeng required and infrastructure investment
*No concerns about carbon monoxide, open flames or explosive gases
*Considerable big power supply on site required, Ideally suit for the 5BBL below brewkit

Direct Fire / Gas heating Brewing system

Direct Fire / Gas heating: Ideal heating way for 3-10BBL microbreweries:-
&The preferredthe caramelization that can occur with gas fired systems
&Avoid the high investment of steam generator also solve the difficult of the power supply requirement on site of the elec heating brewkit
&But probably be a most expensive option in future due to the lowest energy transformation, approx 20-50%
&A few fire fighting infrastructure required,probably need the authority approval from the government
&In some Aera there’re strick requirement of the emissions, So need to double check with the burner supplier and make sure it meet for the relative standards.

Steam Heating Brewing System

Steam heating: Professional heating ways for commericial breweries:-
#Best processes and quality control, especially for the mashing period, like heating up, heating preservation etc.
#Direct fire heated steam generator recommended, Better energy transformation effifiency and lower cost.
#But also be the highest option than others, espeacilly for some aere where have the specific registration of boiler.

Brewery Heating Options Conclusions:

When deciding which of the brewery heating options is right for you, isn’t easy. The key factors to consider are:
Location- Are you in a residential area? In an industrial zone or say on a farm?
Budget–How big is your budget?
Building–Are you a brewpub with little space? What are the local building codes for your building like?
Utilities–What type of electric is available at your location? What are the prices for gas an electric where you are? Is propane a more convenient fuel for you?
How big is your brewery–If you’re small then electric is probably best? If you’re larger, being able to use steam elsewhere might be useful to you.

Then there are some other parameters like colour pick-up, how vigorous do you want your boil to be, speed of heating and potential for hot-spots and scorching which need to be considered.
All these factors, when considered together, will ultimately decide which heating method you choose for your brewery. I understand with all these options and factors, it’s not an easy decision to make.
If you need some help in these matters or with other issues regarding a potential brewing project then please feel free to reach out to me for assistance.

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