How to keep working of Chiller In brewery?

How to keep working of Chiller In brewery?

Micro Brewery requires a lot of cooling in the brewhouse and fermentation process to meet the needs of the fermentation process. 
The brewhouse process is to cool the wort to the temperature required for yeast reproduction and to fermenters. 
The main purpose of the fermentation process is to keep the temperature in the tank constant, and use ethylene glycol water or alcohol 
aqueous solution as refrigerant to take away the temperature generated by the yeast’s decomposition of wort, so that the internal environment in which the yeast survives is stable.

1.Working Principle
After absorbing the heat, the refrigerant circulates back to the heat exchanger in the refrigerator to exchange heat with Freon. 
The low-temperature and low-pressure Freon vapor absorbs the heat brought back by the refrigerant and becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure gas.

After volume compression by the compressor, it becomes high-temperature and high-pressure Freon gas. 
Then the heat is exchanged with the air through the condenser and the fan, and it becomes a Freon liquid at normal temperature and high pressure. 
Through the throttling effect of the expansion valve, it is sprayed into the heat exchanger of the refrigerator,
and can cool the refrigerant. Such a cycle is the working principle of the refrigerator we use.

Since the heat dissipation of the air-cooled chiller is completed by circulating with the outside air, the temperature, 
the humidity of the outside air, and floating objects in the air all have an impact on the cooling effect.

For the above three situations, pay attention during installation and use:
Temperature: This should be paid attention to when choosing the installation location. Try to install the unit in a cool and ventilated place behind the house. 
Because it is drawn upwards, a ventilation distance of 40cm should be left around the unit, so that the large temperature difference and smooth ventilation can increase the unit size. energy efficiency ratio.
Humidity: Air with high humidity cools down better than dry air.
Floating objects: Poplar catkins, catkins, hair, dust, etc. are adsorbed to the surface of the condenser by the fan, and thicken. It will reduce the circulation effect of the air and increase the burden on the compressor. 
The energy consumption increases and the refrigeration effect becomes worse, and even the compressor is burned out when the current increases. Thus, it is necessary to clean up the attachments on the surface of the condenser in time.

3.Focus On The Temperature
Also, like household air conditioners, some Freon should be added every year. 
When the chiller is in use, we should also pay attention to the change in the cooling effect, which is reflected in the high and low-pressure gauge of the unit. 
When the unit is running, the value of the pointer of the high-pressure gauge will reflect the current pressure and temperature. 
The temperature should be 5-10°C higher than the ambient temperature. If the temperature difference is found to be lower than this range, it means that the current cooling effect is poor, and there may be a lack of Freon.
After understanding the working principle and precautions of the air-cooled chiller, you will also understand the daily maintenance. 
You should pay more attention to eliminating some small problems so as not to accumulate and cause major failures. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone!

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