“Black Technology" of craft beer, add nitrogen to beer

“Black Technology" of craft technology, add nitrogen to beer
In our common sense, the reason why beer can produce foam is because it adds sufficient amount of carbon dioxide, but carbon dioxide is not the only gas that can make beer foam.
In the craft beer industry, nitrogen is welcomed by the producer because of its characteristics. Whether it is traditional Jianli, or major micro brewery in the United States, or even some Chinese craft brands, nitrogen uses nitrogen as filling gas.

1. Why use nitrogen?

Nitrogen accounts for about 78.08%of the total air. Because it is an inert gas and colorless and tasteless, it can effectively maintain the beer. 
Due to the extremely low solubility of nitrogen, nitrogen can make a relatively high -pressure environment in the beer packaging. 
Under the action of high pressure, let the beer pour into the cup to produce a dazzling effect of foam. A special experience outside the taste.
Nitrogen chemistry is very stable, and it can better preserve the flavor of the beer itself, while carbon dioxide is dissolved to form carbonic acid, which increases the bitterness of beer.

2. What is the difference between nitrogen and carbon dioxide filling beer?

In fact, beer filling beer and carbon dioxide -filled beer are very different in form, and it is very different in taste. The most obvious is the difference between the bubble. 
The beer foam filled with nitrogen is delicately soft as a milk cover, and the bubbles are smaller and stronger. Even after the cup is poured, the foam sinks instead of rising. 
The beer bubble filled with carbon dioxide is not only large in size, the texture is relatively rough, but also very thin.
In terms of taste, nitrogen will have a wonderful smoothness after contacting the tip of the tongue. 
At the same time, you can enjoy the rich and lasting aroma of malt and beer; carbon dioxide gives more fresh smells and a certain might of killing, as if Beer jumped around the throat.

3. Can all beer fill nitrogen?
Not all craft beer is suitable for filling nitrogen. Nitrogen can only exert its true strength only in a strong beer.
For Shitao, Potter, IPA, and other rich craft beer, with nitrogen like icing on the cake, it will produce excellent taste and full appearance.

However, for the lighter beer such as Lag and Pilson, filling nitrogen is more like adding a snake. It is not only difficult to show a delicate foam like velvet, but it will also make it light.
In fact, whether it is nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or other gases in the future, they are developed and filled in beer. 
They are all the wisdom of craft practitioners and enthusiasts in continuous exploration and practice.
As Glitz's craftsmanship engineer said: "Nitrogen beer is a great fusion of science, art and creativity." 
Every time it is very imaginative and creative brewing, we can be intoxicated and repeatedly reflecting on them and pure enjoyment.

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