Main Advantages of Horizontal Beer Storage Tanks

Main Advantages of Horizontal Storage Tanks

Horizontal storage tank mainly consists of elliptical tank, base support, flange, level meter, top inlet, outlet and other inlet and outlet ports. The composition structure is simple and easy for the operator to get started, as long as the daily maintenance can be carried out. In the production process, there is a staff to inspect the weld seam of the equipment, thus making the equipment more and more stable and safe and reliable.

Let's take a look at some of the major advantages and benefits of horizontal storage tanks.
1. Easy to Transport
Horizontal tanks are often used in the agricultural and beverage industries because they are best suited for storing liquids such as water and chemicals. Because of their design and shape, horizontal steel tanks are easier to transport and move than vertical tanks. 
This ease of mobility makes horizontal tanks very attractive to those who need to store or transport liquids on a regular basis.
2. Unlimited Height
If you face height restrictions in your plant, factory or vehicle, a vertical tank may present more trouble than it's worth. The horizontal tank design takes up less vertical space, and small to medium sized operations are not a concern. 
It's easier to install where you need it and eliminates the frustration of handling tanks several inches tall.
3. Temperature Control
If you are in the dairy, wine, beer and beverage processing industry, temperature is an important factor to considering. 
Because of the shape and orientation, stainless steel horizontal tanks are faster and more efficient at heating and cooling liquids and maintaining the desired temperature during storage and transportation.
4. Fewer Personnel Required
Due to their design and the fact that they are easier to transport from one location to another, horizontal storage tanks require fewer personnel to handle them. This allows you and your team to focus more time on other priority tasks and projects.
5. Efficient and Cost Effective
Horizontal tanks have greater surface area coverage, which means they can move product more efficiently than vertical tanks. 
Most importantly, horizontal tanks tend to have lower transportation costs and vertical agitation can be added more easily, making them more cost effective.
6.Better to brewing Lager beer
Because of the large surface when the tank lying, which can store more yeast in the tanks for getting more clear beer. That's why more brew pub or micro brewery are willing to use this horizontal one, not vertical bright beer tanks. 

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