How to Maintenance beer fermentation tank?

HOW TO MAINTENANCE BEER fermentation tank

fermentation tanks

Beer fermentation tanks are widely used in beverage, chemical, food, dairy, seasoning, brewing, pharmaceutical and other industries, and play a role in fermentation. 

The tank is mainly used to cultivate and ferment various bacterial cells, and the sealing is better (to avoid bacterial contamination), so how to maintain it?

1. If the air inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe joint leaks, when tightening the joint does not solve the problem, the filler should be added or replaced.
2 The pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, and if there is any fault, it should be replaced or repaired in time.
3. When cleaning the fermenter, please use a soft brush to scrub, do not scratch with a hard tool to avoid damage to the surface of the fermenter.
4. The supporting instrument should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.
5. Electrical equipment, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited from directly touching water and steam to avoid moisture.
6. When the equipment is out of use, it should be cleaned in time to drain the remaining water in the fermentation tank and each pipeline; loosen the fermentation tank cover and hand hole screws to avoid deformation of the sealing ring.
7. If the fermentation tank is not used temporarily, it is necessary to empty the fermentation tank and drain the remaining water in the tank and in each pipeline.
The beer fermentation tank can withstand steam sterilization, has certain operation flexibility, minimizes internal accessories (avoid dead ends), has strong material and energy transfer performance, and can be adjusted to facilitate cleaning and reduce pollution, suitable for the production of various products and reduce energy consumption.

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