European beer prices have risen sharply

European beer prices have risen sharply
Due to the rise in energy crisis and raw materials, European beer companies are facing huge cost pressure, which eventually leads to a sharp increase in beer prices compared with previous years, and prices continue to rise.
It is reported that Panago Tutu, the chairman of the Greek brewing dealer, expressed concerns about soaring production costs, and predicts that a new round of beer prices will rise soon.
He said, "Last year, the malt of our main raw materials rose from 450 euros to the current 750 euros. 
This price does not include transportation costs. In addition, energy costs have also risen sharply because the operation of the beer factory is very energy -dense type. The price of natural gas is directly related to our cost. "

Previously, the Brewery, which Galcia, used oil to the Danish supply product, used oil instead of natural gas energy to prevent the factory from being closed in the energy crisis.
Gale is also formulating similar measures for other factories in Europe in order to "make preparations for oil" from November 1.
Panagion also said that the price of beer cans has risen by 60%, and it is expected to rise further this month, which is mainly related to the high energy cost. 
In addition, because almost all Greek beer plants purchased bottle from the glass factory in Ukraine and were affected by the Ukrainian crisis, most of the glass factories have stopped operating.

There are also Greek winemaking practitioners pointed out that although some of the factory in Ukraine are still operating, few trucks can leave the country, 
which also causes problems in the supply of domestic beer bottles in Greece. Therefore Seeking new sources, but paying higher prices.
It is reported that due to the rise in costs, beer vendors have to significantly increase the price of beer. 
Market data show that the sales price of beer on the shelves of supermarkets has jumped by nearly 50%.

Market observer emphasized that "in the future, it is certain that the price will rise further, and the most conservative estimate will increase by about 3%-4%."
At the same time, due to the increase in raw materials and operating costs, Greek beer companies have reduced promotional budgets. 
The chairman of the Greek winemaker association said: "If we continue to promote the same intensity as in previous years, we will have to further increase the sales price."

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