5BBL Brewhouse Unit For Sale - Steam heated

5BBL Brewhouse Unit For Sale - Steam heated

This 5Bbl Brewhouse unit for sale is a 3-vessel system. It comes with a mash mixer, lauter tun and combined kettle/whirlpool.
The brewhouse comes with 2-working platforms plus, two-manifolds for directing water and wort where needed. Much of this unit comes hard piped for ease of use.
Still, this is very much a manual brewhouse. Although, there’s a level of automation which can be added as needed. Think of this unit as one which can be modified, to fit brewing needs.

Diaphragm Valves to Control Flow Speed-Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Used in the Brewery
In the picture above you can see diaphragm valves (there are two for this system). These valves are used to give a brewer fine control of the speed of wort and water on brew day.
There’s a wort grant, stationed between the lauter tun and the kettle. The grant has two roles, one is to protect the brewer from trying to pump wort from a dry mash bed.
Two, the grant allows a brewer to easily check the clarity of the wort going to the brew kettle. Ensuring there’s no malt leak from the lauter tun. The wort grant has a bypass, if needed.

5Bbl Brewhouse Unit For Sale - Steam Heated
This is a steam heated brewhouse, ideal for using with an electric steam generator. Also, a brewery can use a gas-fired steam boiler too.
The mash mixer is jacketed so, allows for step-mashing. The lauter tun isn’t jacketed, but is well insulated. The kettle, has two steam jackets, one for the cone and the other for the sides of the vessel.
Being three-vessels, it allows for two brews in one day, in reasonable time. The second mash can take place, as the first brew is going to the brew kettle.

Please see more pictures below of the unit…

5Bbl Brewhouse Unit For Sale – Round-Up
If you are interested in this unit please get in touch for more information or to ask any questions. My email address is:,;

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