Prior Questions For Brewery Building

Prior Questions  For Brewery Building
Hello there, this is a question we like to send out to people, who ask for help on a brewing project. I know you're not asking for help specifically.
But thought it might help you if you’re looking to open a brewery.
Many find this document useful; helping them lock in some of their plans.
It also gives me a basic understanding of the scope of the project. 
So, I can make better recommendations for equipment.

1. What type of beer styles will you be brewing, and what’s the plato of the wort? 
2. How many batches you brew per time?
3. What type of brewery are you planning to be? Brewpub, production brewery…etc.
4. How big is your planned brewhouse?
5. How many FV's (or unitanks) do you plan for and what sizes?
6. How many vessels do you want for your brewhouse? 2, 3 or 4 vessel system?

7. Do you have a location already? Is so what size area has been allotted for the brewing space? Plus, what ceiling height do you have?
8. What auxiliary equipment do you want? Keg washer, hop back or hop cannon etc.
9. Are you looking at any automation for your brewhouse, like having a touchscreen, inline flow meters and automatic water mixing and volumes?
10. Do you need a grain delivery system (mostly used in system 1,200L and up)?
11. Are you planning to package your beer, if so, what’s your preferred packaging option (can or bottle)?
12.Do you have a budget in mind for this project? 

These are the basic questions giving me a good idea what you're looking for equipment wise. It helps me make better recommendations.
If you can't answer all these questions, it's fine. Thanks for your time, and have a good day.


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