Brewery Control System/

Brewery PLC semi-Auto control cabinet

1.Display degree together: PLC control system with semi-automatic control.
2.SIEMENS(Smart line) PLC control and Touch screen.
3.Step mashing, automatic control time and temperature.
4.Screen and controller is Siemens brand, other electric part is famous electronic components.
5.With fuse and overload protection.
6.With stainless steel support frame at bottom.

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Brewery Semi-Automatic Control System
The semi-automatic control system integrates with brewhouse and cellar tanks’ manual operating material flow and temperature setting.
The semi-automatic control system, as part of a new small-scale brewery setup, accounts for around 10–15% of the total cost.
However, a control system saves the brewery from additional expenses once production begins – far beyond those of your initial spend.

Brewhouse control:
1.Mash tun temperature control and display.
2.Brew kettle temperature control and display.
3.Mash agitator, Lauter raker, filter pump are VFD control, Frequency controller is Danfoss brand.
4.All pump and motor controls.
Fermenter control:
4.Automatic Control the temperature of the fermenter, Automatic pressure control by mechnical pressure valve.
Cooling unit control:
5.Control the and motor of the glycol pump
6.Control the temperature of the glycol tank.
7.Control the chillers.

8.Includes all the electric cables, signal wires and Net Cable Tray.

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