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Brewery Manual Control system

Manual Control System Description: 
A control system is the key to guaranteed consistent beer quality. It’s as simple as that. 
Of course, the brewmaster’s expertise and overseeing plays an important role in brewery functionality, 
but the control system can monitor and standardize according to the necessary configuration requirements and beer characteristics.
Our Manual control system is most simple and easy to operation, then you can see the temperature and turn the pump and motor on or off. 

  • Product Detail

Function of controller: 
Material: Spray material or SS304
1.Digital control system, Display degree together. 
2.All electric part is famous brand to ensure the brewery running well. 

Brewhouse control: 
1.Mash & lauter tank temperature display.
2. Brew kettle and whirlpool temperature display 
3.Lauter raker motor, filter pump are VFD control.
4. Hot liquor tank temperature display 
5.All pump and motor controls.
Fermenter control: 
6.Control the temperature of the fermenter, Automatic pressure control by mechnical pressure valve.
Cooling unit control: 
7.Control the and motor of the glycol pump
8.Control the temperature of the glycol tank; 
9.Control the chillers

10.Includes all the electric cables, signal wires and Net Cable Tray.

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