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Brewing CIP Systems
You know clean equipment leads to better beer. Obeer Processing Engineers know a properly designed, 
efficient Clean-In-Place System can be seamlessly integrated into your brewing operation. 
We will help you determine the best system to fit the cleaning needs for your brewing operation today and with your future plans in mind.
Our line of CIP skids are highly configurable. Systems can be completely manual or fully-automated, 
with options pertaining to chemical dosing methods, heating and pump packages.  
Smaller, mobile pump carts are also available if the time isn’t right for a larger, skidded system.
According to your brewery capacity, then we can provide you different CIP unit. 
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First one: 
Tank Portable CIP Cart
The portable CIP cart is creating solutions for small equipment cleaning needs. It features portable, 
all-stainless construction with two tanks, an inline heating element, a pump with VFD for speed control, 
and all the necessary valves and tubing. 
It can perform many operations including: recirculating water or chemical to heat-to-temperature, 
sending and recovering cleaning solution to tank or piece of equipment and recovery of chemical for re-use. 
The inline heater is the best feature since it provides ultimate versatility and heating on-the-fly. 
Simply plug it in and have full control of the pump and heater from a small, convenient, control panel. 
With safety in mind, the heater cannot be operated while the pump is not running.  

Please ask us for custom solutions!

Second one: 

3 vessel: Hot alkali tank, Acid tank, Aater tank

4 vessel: Hot alkali tank, Acid tank, Disinfection water, water tank,

5 vessel: Hot alkali tank, Acid tank, Disinfection water, Clean water tank, Hot water tank.

If you want to know more detail, pls feel free to contact us and find a suitable CIP unit. 

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