Fruit wine tank/

Floating roof Winery tank

1.Winery fermenters are widely used in the fermentation of red wine, white wine, rose wine and sparkling wine. 
2.Fermenter configuration cooling, heating jacket, according to different process requirements can achieve enzymatic hydrolysis, 
clarification, cold impregnation, hot impregnation, alcohol fermentation, ping-milk fermentation process automactic temperature control according to users. 
It is required to configure the maitreya board, the tape jacket, and the heat preservation. 
3.All the products of the company are sesiged with the customer’s process requirements as the center, 
which can meet the requirements of the company to the maximum extent. 
  • Product Detail

1.Volume: Requirement. Cylinder with inclined bottom.
2.Material: SS304, thickness: 2.0mm. Liner treatment: pickling passivation.
4.Cooling: Cooling with cooling jacket, cooling area: 2㎡, thickness of sheet is 1.5mm.
5.Cleaning device: cleaning tube and internal 360° cleaning ball.
6.Liquid level: cylinder glass tube liquid level display.
7.Supporting: water-sealed respirator, sampling valve, side thermometer, external opening normal pressure square manhole.
8.Wine outlet in the lower part, drain port at the bottom.

9.Matching valve and pipe fittings;

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