Germany Traveling and Customer Brewery Visiting

Germany Travelling and Customer Brewery Visiting
That’s really amazing day in 23 of Nov-2 of Dec. 
This is the first time to arrange the business travelling after 3 years block down. Firstly we need to meeting our regulator customers in Germany. 
It’s my great honor to work with them and provide our professional brewery service.
When we landed in Koln of Germany and going to visit our partner Tobias, last year we provided him whole set up of 500L brewery and with 9 fermentation tanks, firstly we checked the brewery running situation and ask them if there is some problems when they were brewing. 


500L brewery system/brewing tank 

And our engineer has checked the steam line and heating speed to help them improve the brewing efficiency. 

Then second travelling is to the west of Germany, Insbert city to meet our old friend, Oliver. 
We have cooperated from 2019 years, but it’s a pity we only met him at Nuremburg exhibition, never been in his brewery. This time we arranged the meeting and to know the brewery’s running and future planning. 

After communication, we will be more closely integrated for a better future.

Finally, we visited other customers and had in-depth communication to determine the future development and cooperation model. 
I believe we will grow together. Cheers!

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