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How to start a brewery?

Building A Brewery Tips

When planning a brewery, there are some key elements to consider which influence how your brewery comes together.
In the article linked we look at 5 of the main influences which are:

1. Predicted sales volume – A good forecast of beer sales (including growth) will let you know how much beer you need to brew per week.

2. How many shifts will your brewery run? - The number of shifts your run per day determines how many turns (number of brews) you can produce. The more beer you can brew the greater the total volume possible.

3. How many beers will you make? - The more beers you have in your range, the more tanks you’ll need. You can only put one style of beer in any given tank.

4. Vessel throughout – The style of beers you make determines the tank time they need. Lagers need more tank time than ales.

5. Brewhouse Size and Design – In some instances a smaller brewing system doing multiple brew cycles, can be a smart solution.

With the money saved invested in more tanks for greater brewery throughput.

Is this right for you?
Well, for more information please read the article linked to choose the equipment you need.
As ever if you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to comment below or send me a message.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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